Our Programs

Feeding The Less Fortunate

Hope and Glory Foundation develops feeding programs in communities of extreme poverty throughout South Florida and Latin America. By working together with the local community organizations on the ground as partners, we are able to make a greater impact in fighting childhood starvation and poverty and provide much needed nourishment and support to those children and families in critical need.

Orthotic & Prosthetic Assistance

We currently offer amputation medical care to foreign children with limited resources. The families of the children never receive a bill for the medical expenses or for the costs associated with travel. This assistance is ongoing year after year until the child reaches the age of 18, and they are provided with new prosthesis as they grow and need replacement. They are accompanied to the United States to receive their care with one of their parents or care givers.

Education & School Building

One of our primary goals is to assist the youth not only receive adequate nourishment, but to also receive and education and the ability to develop useful skills that will benefit them throughout their lives, such as reading and writing. We provide children with educational materials such as notebooks, text books, pens, paper, etc. And soon we will construct educational facilities throughout Latin America to help further this program.

Providing Hope To Those In Need

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